Learn to use this blog again today

July 22, 2013

Just want to be back, here.


missing or Missing?

December 24, 2010

ឃ្លាត អាចរសាយចំណង ហើយក៏អាចបង្កើនចំណង! ខ្យល់ អាចបក់ឲ្យទៀនរលត់ ហើយក៏អាចបក់ឲ្យភ្លើងឆេះយ៉ាងសន្ធោសន្ធៅ! Absence lessens relationships and increases great ones and as the wind blows off the candles and yet causes mighty flames! (Ricky is increasing. quoted from HOR Thou facebook.)


October 16, 2008

this is gift from Chan Sokyeng. it is very nice of her.

some go, some come

October 7, 2008

change is nature. some people finish their study has to go back, and the new comer start the hard life in studying here. whatever, i enjoy party and eating. if there is dancing, that will be great.

8 new comers for Nagoya.

i know…

October 6, 2008

i know that in the future everything is changing. and i know that know one know what will happen in the future. one thing i can do it that always think of my what i wish, and act it from now and today.

failure is the reminder of my wish, time is the teller for me to act more smart, and the most important thing is me who always remember what i wish for. i am important. i just need to believe and act.

My wish to…

October 3, 2008

what make me happy is that i can say what is my inner voice.

I want to say My wish to you, whatever, whenever, wherever you are, may healthy, happiness, success, and safety be with you in every second of the day and night. I love you. see you when you see me. that is a trick.

to update

October 3, 2008

to write sth, there is nothing to write about.  i just wish to finish my paper on time.