friends are like the sunlight that lightening my dark lonely world. friends are like stars. although we cannot see each other, we know that they are there in the sky. and i always look up to and happy to see them. dear friends, i am lucky to have you as my friends. you make my life have wonderful meaning. I am proud of you. Ricky


5 Responses to friends

  1. Y Samphy says:

    Yeah, it was a nice party we had.

  2. ricky95 says:

    yeah, it was. and i love to have it more and as many times as we can. we should miss any party. and thanks for everything, Phy.

  3. ricky95 says:

    i am learning how to update and embed, i will do it next time. wait na

  4. Y Samphy says:

    haha… been watching out for updates on your blog. but nothing! Lol.

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