first day after the brake and after POV has gone away

this is the place i usually enjoy lunch with nice food, cookie, …., and now there is only me when POV has gone. although i try to make the best food for myself, it doesn’t taste much better than when i had with my friends, TOUCH and TOM. I miss you TOUCH or POV and TOM or MOM.



8 Responses to first day after the brake and after POV has gone away

  1. Phy says:

    Poor you, buddy! Will see how often i can join then.

  2. samphors~* says:

    aww… sorry hieng. I just don’t know how to cook nice food as she does. Plus, i’m this lazy now hahhaha… will try to improve and have regular lunch together again na ^_^

  3. Phossdey says:

    Chhunhieng! You make me cry. hirk hirk but thanks for all the time we had together. Bang Phy! do join him as you named good Senpai nos ey!

  4. Phy says:

    Alright, will do, Touch!

  5. samphors~* says:

    I think i forgot to mention this, you look great in here ^_^

  6. ricky95 says:

    Phors, i am happy to hear that, and i would be very very happy when we have lunch together. i will not look komsort, i hope you and Phy will spend sometimes having lunch together with me. oh,my VN friend take this picture for me, and she said i look like girl cheng. hahaha, but she means in positive way. hope you have lunch with you again.

  7. Phossdey says:

    and I could imagine the scene!

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