this is just for the good memory of the sport which i spend time with my dearest friends most of the time here in Nagoya.
this is interesting and encouraging me.


4 Responses to Bowling

  1. Phy says:

    How long is it going to take us to be as good, buddy? Lol…

  2. YeNG says:

    Phy, quit school and take up bowling as your major!!! Lolz… not a good idea though!!!

  3. Phy says:

    Wish i could haaaa… sometimes i even wish i was a soccer star, so i dont have to work hard reading but playing with the ball all the time. That would be great fun, i can imagine. Lol…

  4. samphors~* says:

    it will never be fun again when it become your job lolz… that’s amazing player, anyway.

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