With love, it is now or never.

I got this from my friend Mr. Phy. it is really good to learn about that silence love!!!

A boy had Cancer and he had one month to live, he liked a girl working in a CD shop very much, But he did not tell her about his love, everyday he went to the CD shop and bought a CD only to talk to her, After a month he died. When the girl went his home and asked about him, his mom told that he died and took her to his room……She saw all the CD’s unopened…….The girl cried n cried n finally died. You know why she cried? Coz she had kept her own love letters inside the CD packs. She also loved him…….. moral of the story: if u love someone……say to him directly don’t wait for the destiny to play the role..

Why wait!!! why dare not to say that you love her, man!!!


5 Responses to With love, it is now or never.

  1. Phy says:

    Yeah, why not? Do it. Lol…

  2. samphors~* says:

    Hehehe… can i be the witness when u do it? hahahaha… J/K but all the best ne!

  3. Day of Hope says:

    Yo! Yo! Day of hope will make one’s dream visible. Yo! Yo!

  4. Chhaya says:

    Because the guy is very shy nong na…..So love can make people shy and can make people dare to do sth. too.

    Thank you

  5. mkmu says:

    I will coming to visit your web again because I enjoy love section too.

    C u..

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