snow in Nagoya, where i see it the first time in life

even if it is so cool, with the happy heart and full of love with everything around, and the recognition of the present time, everything is beautiful to, and i love and enjoy life here. i really enjoy snow here. and i am lucky to be here.

the world is beautiful in the eyes of the happy heart man!!! for more about love go to Rire and click here.


Just walking on the snow, still there is love. i am happy with this lovely heart.


Ricky is me who interested in love and true love and happy free life.


in front of the study room, the beautiful view i have ever seen. i love this view.


this is another heart i create it here in Japan, Nagoya, when there is the snow i first see.

there is snow man, which i make it as tall as i am. but it doesn’t look like me standing there, it is thiner, but now i am fatter.


this is a couple of snow man. hahah, cute and it is made of love. that is why i take the picture and post, so that i can remember that it is really happy to see everyone with love.

this post is for the valentine day, to share love and happiness to every one. with love, the world with be with peace, i think. Feb 14, 2008. with lots of love to everyone, not special one, don’t ask me, i am on vacation of love after two time broken heart, kkekeke. Ricky


2 Responses to snow in Nagoya, where i see it the first time in life

  1. Phy says:

    And see what you did, love talker! Haaaaaa… Face it or die a painful death! Haa…

  2. Phy says:

    Oh forgot! Happy V’s Day, dude! Hope you will find your love soon, love talker! Can’t wait to see who’s going to be the lucky girl taken good care by this Mr. One Love!

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