that is love!!! it is really wonderful, and i wish i have true love

what interest me the most is love!!! and true love!!! not pretending to love te na. and i love this love!!!
it is for the Valentine day. enjoy everyone!!!

from Chantha LONG, his message is like this:

if you watch the whole movie

each man can not use the same rule of love
they must adapt and accept what he has and use the best out it
love from childhood is very wonderful
but sometimes it hard to maintain it
because someone must go some where
and the value is changing
no matter what form it is, love is everything that every man is searching for it and hope for the best one.
like and love?
like is something no obligation,no resposibility, it is simple, love is hard, it is full of responsibility
you have to make a commitment and sacrifice something, suffering, pains, energy, trying
but when love is healthy. it gains a lot energy, happiness, security, strength, hope, like that money and time etc
it is like an adventure, if you stop moving. its the end of the game/ and nothing exist anymore, life is dead.

3 Responses to that is love!!! it is really wonderful, and i wish i have true love

  1. Aaron says:

    Someone says don’t say, do it!

    Looking for love is like a probability.

    Every detail has been embedded in your DNA.

    That informations are important.

    Try to meet more girls.

    It is like to show your details.

    And the probability to get someone that like your informations is higher.

    Count as much as you can and you will get the match.

  2. Phy says:

    Just another post about love. Haaaa… See?

  3. YeNG says:

    Agreed with Phy. All about love!
    Happy belated V’s Day!

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