look at my longest hair in life, this is gonna change.

Everything is changing, event the change itself changes. this is the first time i can keep it so long as it is today. and this post is the end of this change and is the beginning of another new change. no one knows what will happen in the future.

there is the beginning, there is an end.


this is not to show off, but it is for the keeping the change unchanged


2008-03-07. today is the end of broken hearted period, since so long ago. and no more heart to be broken. so, on vacation is the best. just now, better fight with everything in front of me and go back to live with my family successfully in the next 2 years. i remember this day and i will forget from today. you don’t know me!!! i am nobody. nothing but love!!


8 Responses to look at my longest hair in life, this is gonna change.

  1. samphors~* says:

    i thought the vacation start weeks ago lolz… so, that’s long hair ne! love it ^_^ you have a very nice hair, you know????

  2. Aaron says:

    You are composed of love.

    Now you are being programmed to be a change.

    Don’t trust what you feel. Absolutely not!

  3. Phy says:

    Ooops! Sorry i didn’t know that, buddy! Anyway, commitment as great as you’ve always had about just anything you wish. Well, about your broken heartedness, you dont have to forget it; actually, you won’t be able to. And you don’t have to shut your door to love; you won’t escape it as mankind. My suggestion therefore is that you keep it open wide and keep giving away your love though you don’t get it in return and one day, you’ll find your true love.

    Last suggestion about love, buddy, when you do love someone, just tell her!

  4. pinispinus says:

    Love is meaningful for a life, but we should not give love to only one person. We have other people who accompany our lives, including parents, brotherhood, friends, and others. We should also give them our love, and we have to make a balance among them; otherwise, we failed. We cannot love someone without thinking of family members and friends, we should not live in such a small world of only two people who love each other, we live with many people in a society.

    We live with changes and we cannot stop any thing from change, but we can manage it to the best we can and it will depend on how strong we are able to do it. Life without chnage is a meaningless life.

  5. Ricky says:

    i love all the comment here, really pushing me forward. i love that. many thanks.

  6. Phossdey says:

    Just get over with the one that did not work. And move on to find a right one. And believing in yourself. Just be positive. 😉 You shall get what you want to happen.

  7. ricky95 says:

    wow, there is more power of the heart i get from your kind words! love the idea!!

  8. samphors~* says:

    when are you going to show your new hair style? It’s kinda old already by now but come on, show us!

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