Expected mail box, after listening to the secret,

I make greatest change recently after listening to the secret. i expect something good will happen to me. and i expect i can do what i think it is good to do for me and other. i fall in love with me now!!! you are what you think you are!!!

to proof it,

i got a mail, this morning, and i don’t know who from. want to know more follow me now.

what a box about, i have no idea.

Oh, it is the cake, i like it. what is under the snack.


it is a letter for me, wow!! who is this from?

is it SONY camera?img_0131.jpg

Finally the secret is that i get the SONY Camera . Lots of thank for him who give me this Camera. it is really surprise me, and it really cheer me up!!! oh, it is 8.1 mega pix. LOVE!!!


8 Responses to Expected mail box, after listening to the secret,

  1. Phy says:

    m so glad dude that you’ve learnt to live your life the way it is right now. Seems The Secret has changed a lot of your life! Live up to it then if it makes you happy and be a positive thinker!

  2. ricky95 says:

    Many thanks buddy, you are great man to me although you try to reject the truth. you can do many think that i can’t and you are capable of many thing, you are my role model. Cheer up and read more to be happy and do more to satisfy our heart. you are what you think you are!!! follow your heart and make a good use of law of attraction and positive thinking. ACT now!!!

  3. YeNG says:

    Wow, great!!! I know you can’t share the camera with us, but surely u will share the snack, won’t you?

  4. Aaron says:

    Hey, where is your old camera?

  5. ricky95 says:

    Pls don’t call it an old camera, it is my lovely Canon camera na. J/K. My Canon camera is use to take this SONY Camera. that is the secret. thanks for sharing to me your idea. love it!!! thanks

  6. TOM says:

    Sony look so handsome here hehehe…

  7. Phy says:

    And your Sony looks B-U-T-ful, huh, Tom? Haaaaaaaa….

  8. Phossdey says:

    Hey Heing! Tell us who sent you the camera! It must be Sony fan heoy. lolzzzzzz So now, Bang Phy is alone! Horay!!! Sony goes goes goes …….. hahahahahahaha

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