I love Nagoya University!!

there are flowers, and i love it and Nagoya university. and i love myself to be here. Wow!! i am great and proud to be here.


Different kinds of flowers bloom in every season!


it is beautiful!!


i love the RED most!!

flowers bloom in every season, and it is new flowers in every season. Enjoy your beauty when you bloom, because beauty will fed like flower. keep yourselves a wonderful memory to everyone, because it will stay for ever. I am wonderful too ne!!!

LOVE, Ricky


4 Responses to I love Nagoya University!!

  1. Phy says:

    Great shots, dude! Pink, purple and red! Haaaa… and i know you love red the most. No need to repeat haaaaaaa…J/K Well, tell Touch and Tom to come see

    Love Nagoya too and love you guys too.

  2. TOM says:

    Ey ya, now so good in taking pic. Using Sony te deng neak! Hehehe… But the red one ot sov nice doch purple te hahaha… I love NU too and love the fact that you and everyone are here ^_^

  3. YeNG says:

    Haha… camera and love show in addition to flower show. A lot more to show off if you go flower viewing at the park. Season of sakura!!!

    Ending note: Love NU and everyone!!! Kekeke…

  4. Phossdey says:

    I love QUT. lolzzzzzzzzzz

    Alright, the pink sakura is the most beautiful one. hahahahahahahhaa

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