when you love someone

enjoy the love!

it is hard to explain when you love someone! let see this two gentlemen and listen to the song.

Micheal and Sara, Prison Break. at the end of season three, i guess, he is going back to the prison, and to find Sara, his love.

Superman, still do everything for his love!

the power of love is the same as the law of attraction, in the secret.


4 Responses to when you love someone

  1. Phy says:

    Ah hah, yeah its great, the power of love. totally agree, mr. love. My question though, why do you think it’s the same as the “law of attraction”?

  2. ricky95 says:

    it is in the book, the secret. and i mean that if you love something, you may attract it. thanks for you question. will do more reading about that and talk about that soon.

  3. Phossdey says:

    Oh my god, just love they guy’s blue eyes! They are just so sexyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaa

  4. Phossdey says:

    the guy’s eyes***

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