The summary of the ski trip 2008

this is the summary if you love to see in short.

this is TOM,

this is Sokyeng,

this the end with funny action,

that is the best i can do.
Thanks you!
I love you guys,


4 Responses to The summary of the ski trip 2008

  1. YeNG says:

    Wow, Phors is so cool! You and Phy, too! Me <– funny!!! Thanks for spending time on this…

  2. Phossdey says:

    hahahaha I love the last video. Who crashed the snow, by the way? It’s too small to see who was it.

  3. ricky95 says:

    yeah, Yeng, you too make a greatest change, not funny at all in the last day. you are wonderful. first, i think you cannot go skiing. then, i know that my thinking is wrong. and you surprise me. everyone is number one here.

    POV, i laugh many times when i say this clip and the funny crash. if you were here, you would play ski well too. Oh, can you guess who crashed? hahahaha

  4. samphors~* says:

    Hahhaa… very funny clip… The song is super classic morng kaka… And hey! You make me blush with the last part of the last clip hehhe…

    I wonder who was that too haha….

    Yeng: You were very good lah… Ot funny eh!

    Go again next year? hehe..

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