To where i were 2 years ago

2008-05-11 Sunday, Two years ago with Sword of Samurai, my own Sword.

always pretending, still not like the real Samurai!!

on the way alone, accidentally meet him 2nd time on his way alone too,

this is where i used to say good bye, and have no hope to be back here again.

Sitting and seeing around to refresh the sweet memory here!!!

in front of the Tsu city hall, where i feel, i used to dream about!

students musical band is what exactly in my dream!!

i am here now at the right place, a little bit by walk

the day i used to proud of, and again now

this is MC, the man in black speak fluent Japanese,

Country boot, The Philippines

Singapor’s boot, and my host family, Tadami family





Kenya, and my friend Masumi







Cambodian man, a cultural officer today and waiting for promoting Cambodia culture, Mr. Te Ponloeur, Working at PP airport, … my close friend, have one nice stay with me here, Sharmu room 303,

Mr. David, Cambodia man, MC today. Promoting Silk bag and Palm wine.

This is my number 21, and answer sheet. the theme today is Wedding cultures.

then i tear it and put it in my pocket. it is lucky draw number.

guess what? this is the last lucky draw for today, which i almost forget that my number is 21.

luckily, after the second call, i remember that it is my number, and that is for me.

what is that? it is a box with this thing and a necklace of a rose. this is Eli 39th batch, my batch mate from Singapor.

new president of IATSS Forum. AKIRA san,

Ori, Meng=Ponloeur, David, Ricky=me, Masumi, this two kind ladies take me and bring me back to the station, Tsu Station, Kintetsu line

Coming back home, having nice dinner with friends at Veara house, Knowing a broken leg, which take 3 months to recover, and i will be the best player of the team then,

so sexy and relax, nobody is here, because i am nobody, kakaka

One week later, the same case to me. hihihihi

Chrounh smile, at CJCC tea ceremony, 2 ys ago

Japanese look, but she is Cambodian te, lecturer and Keang, Te Ponloeur sit next to this man, and me, and Japanese guy over there.

2 ys ago at Cambodian embassy Tokyo.

At Thailand Airport, with Sreyneang, on the way back home.

with my car, just pretending, also 2 ys ago.

what i like about this moment is friends i have good time with.


2 Responses to To where i were 2 years ago

  1. Chanthol says:

    Chhunhieng! You graduate already or not yet? If not, when then?

  2. Samphors~* says:

    I enjoyed the trip. Thanks for bringing me back to your two years ago hehe…

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