To pretend i can, but it is impossible!

The view of sun set from my house, which i usually view!

it is just pretending to catch the SUN that is going to set at 7 pm here.

time fly so fast, everything is changing every minutes, and change is nature!

so it is impossible to catch the SUN, and Stop the time, you can’t change nature.

Impossible is possible!


3 Responses to To pretend i can, but it is impossible!

  1. YeNG says:

    Is it possibly impossible? or impossibly possible??? … I’m trapped. No idea!!!

    Anyway, nice shot! I think my room is safer in late summer when frequent typhoons come. Ehe… see the trade-off? 😀

  2. Phy says:

    Nice post, Ricky! You have such a nice thought; such a poetic guy. Your love for nature is no less than that for the people around ya, my friend. I’m nothing when it comes to this haaaaa…

    As to sunset, ha… even nicer view from my place than yours but … never have i remembered to take a look. That said, i did do it before sometimes when i first moved in.

  3. Samphors~* says:

    I can’t see the sun as nice as yours but there’s garden for me to work on when I’m really upset lolz…

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