To what i think about the flower blossom!

here is Chinese poem about nature, let me put it in this word, and the real meaning it straight forward or plain meaning, or logical meaning, not other meaning about this poem like sentence.

The cloud floating in the sky,

The water fall from the top of the mountain,

The trees wave by the wind blowing,

The flowers blossom every season.

Different flowers blossom every season.

however, possibly, different flowers may blossom on the same tree or in the same field, in the same season.

it is impossible that different season, tree, field, the same flowers blossom.

Change is nature. impossible is possible.


2 Responses to To what i think about the flower blossom!

  1. Phy says:

    Hmm… i have to admit your brain is more “sophisticated” than mine. I can’t remember no poetry!

    By the way, the last shot is the best. Who took it for ya? Haa…

  2. Samphors~* says:

    Quite an advance knowledge I couldn’t catch up with but anyway, agree with bang phy. The last pic is the best cos there is me hahahaha….

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