To what is more than just lunch

-Today, it is very nice to meet people from Cambodia, RAC, former GSID, who is the most successful student from Nagoya.
-It is more than just lunch, but it is very important time to learn about life, academic, and more.
-what i learn is: LOVE, SEX, MARRIAGE. if you are lucky enough you will get all the three from the same person.
-Your logic is very important and it is what you have to defend.
-when the question is hard to answer and hard not to answer, please answer sth.
Ex. how many soldier do you have? i have just enough to protect the enemy.
when this soldier will withdraw? when i have enough to defend myself.
– the last is about Khmer lady toward … it is a joke.

this is not enough for me

i don’t like it, but it is one set. like it or not, it is mine. no choice.


2 Responses to To what is more than just lunch

  1. Samphors~* says:

    Hahaha… why don’t you keep the dessert for me??? It looks yum yum ta

  2. Phossdey says:

    OH, don’t want to talk about those three parts but the food looks yum!

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