To my love star

although you cannot see me, it doesn’t mean i am not there.

i always look up to you and waiting to see you shining brightly.


7 Responses to To my love star

  1. samphors~* says:

    So this is how you love somebody eh? 😛

  2. samphors~* says:

    Let me try to interprete this. First line: No love in return but Ricky still save this love for that somebody. Second line: would still care and love with a wish for that somebody to be happy all the time. Mech de???

  3. ricky95 says:

    good idea of interpretation. simply, First line, although physically you cannot see me near you (you=nobody), i am mentally be with you, so it means i am still there with my heart and soul. Second line, i always admire you, and wish you happy, joy, success in everything like the shining star which help to brighten my dark sky. and your brightness gives me the happy and joy when my sky is darken. imagine, if you all, my love stars, shinning together as one, it will be another SUN in the night time. again, although you cannot see me, it doesn’t mean i am not there. Ricky

  4. Phy says:

    Come on, boy. i dun want another sun in the night time. Its time to sleep. ha….

    Other things about the post, still no comment. 😦

  5. ricky95 says:

    You nis, it is really strange that you say you have no comment. hahaha, actually that is the comment. You know , saying nothing it doesn’t mean that you have no idea, you does have idea.

    To me, only the idiots who thinks others are idiots as them. i always look up to you, and wish you are shinning in the sky brightly.

    just now i am busy for a while and take no notice about you, however, it doesn’t mean i am not there, though you cannot see me. Ricky

  6. Phy says:

    Oh me too, buddy. Just that you can’t see me, it doesnt mean im not there. Friends are like the eyes, remembers? They blink together, move together, cry together, see things together, even though they never see each other. Friendship should be like that. Life is like hell without “FRIENDS”.

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