To nobody from nobody.

it is crazy post, isn’t it? hmmm, you may think so, because you believe so.

News is just news. what happen to you is just what happen to you, there is no good or bad or no good news or bad news. good or bad depends on you, if you believe so.

Nobody loves nobody. i fall in love with me. There is no accident.


3 Responses to To nobody from nobody.

  1. Phy says:

    hmmm… weird post. actually i find it hard to understand your thinking, dude. My brain is not sophisticated enough, i think. poor me.

  2. Phossdey says:

    Come on, Bang Phy. This is nothing about sophisticated but unwell mind. lolzzzz I am joking, Chhunhieng. Anyway, guess you are swirling now.

  3. samphors~* says:

    Before loving another, it’s crucial to love yourself first. Knowing how to love yourself will lead you through a successfull love of another gaggaga… jess ta tha tha tov morng nis 😛

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