To hang out and have fun

this is a piece of life here, where we can have fun and joy, and more.

The Champion Cup holder, now is in poor form. lost the ice-cream.

No one know what will happen to that Cup in the future. It needs the new holder.

My comment: if you want to get the CUP, you just need to believe you can.

This is the second good ball, UFA ball. the first one was stabbed by s.o who hate the food ball.

i hope this new ball will not face the same bad situation because the ball is only the thing and it is expensive. we are all around 14 members, and each have to pay 500 yen=$5.

this is the final activity of the day, we have RAMAN, Japanese noodle.

Yesterday is propensity (Nisai). Tomorrow is hope. Today is the truth. The truth is that I LOVE YOU. I LOVE to BE HERE. I LOVE to be your FRIEND.


3 Responses to To hang out and have fun

  1. Phy says:

    ya sure you love to be my friend? And sure yo love to be here?

    Well, lil typo i found. Ramen (らめん) not Raman. Haaaaa… Last night was good fun though i didnt do well. Anyway, important thing is to make sure i was having fun doing it. haaaaa…

  2. ricky95 says:

    it is true, it is gift, it is present. why i am not happy with the present, i am happy. there is no reason why i am not enjoy the present. it is gift. buddy

  3. Phy says:

    Good boy, good boy! Haaaaaa…

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