To my sisters

i really miss my family and my sister very much,

i know it is not impossible to visit them,

but i just want to control myself to be a way from them for a long while,and feel the great miss and love i have ever had in my life.

Dear parents and sisters, although you cannot see me, it doesn’t mean i am not there.



Mouy kim,

they are now at great 11 and 12.


3 Responses to To my sisters

  1. Phy says:

    You can do it, man. You just have to believe.

  2. Samphors~* says:

    So chinese hehehe… and well, totally support you even if I failed to do the same hahaha..

  3. ricky95 says:

    you are luckier than me. waiting to see the pictures of yours

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