To your choice

If you don’t make the choice, the choice makes you.

Better say, let’s make a choice, don’t let the choice makes you.

thank you TING, my best friend who gave me this song 2 years ago when we were in IATSS Forum.


4 Responses to To your choice

  1. Phy says:

    It’s not a song. What did you have in time when posting this? Nothing? Haaaa… And this nothing is your reason for posting it? Haaaaaa… “slippery slope” theory its like in legal interpretation. haaaa…

  2. ricky95 says:

    oh, you like legal interpretation!

  3. Phy says:

    you just need to believe. haaaaa…

  4. ricky95 says:

    you nis, you are not only good in legal interpretation but also know how to use the way of other to win other.

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