To do one simple good thing

it is kind of happy to do one good thing a day, and today i do one good thing.

i make this clock to tell the right time. usually it is 20 minutes slow.

it is in my International law class.

nobody knows that i do this. i am nobody who know that.

hahaha, happy to be with other red bikes. mine is in the middle.


12 Responses to To do one simple good thing

  1. Phy says:

    Cool. Charity work, eh. And the other red is exactly the same haaaa… You’re not alone any more then.

  2. Samphors~* says:

    Now I know and I was right to guess it was you. You did a good job ne!!! Next time, change the battery for my clock ma dong ne! Hehehehe…

  3. ricky95 says:

    oh, good guess. and hhaahhaa, you make me laugh. ok, next time, i will. hahhaa

  4. ricky95 says:

    Oh, Phy, that bike maybe like what you think. hahahhaa, what do you think tov?

  5. YeNG says:

    Is it room 608 @ GSID?

  6. ricky95 says:

    Why you know that it is room 608 ning?

  7. YeNG says:

    I have microeconomics there. Rather used to the late clock!
    Anyway, thanks! We shouldn’t follow the WRONG time. Deshou?

  8. ricky95 says:

    hmm, sodesu! actually, i do it for myself. you know, this clock is slow and make me angry all the time when i cannot finish the class faster for badminton. however, it is good to follow the correct time.

  9. Phossdey says:

    Agree, just get a correct time. 😉

    So the owner of the other red bike is female? lolzzzz

  10. ricky95 says:

    yeah, maybe!

  11. Phy says:

    No way. Just another “red boy”, i bet. About the clock haaaaaa… why not set it five or ten minutes faster so you can leave even earlier? Haa…

  12. ricky95 says:

    ey, why no way? hhahahaa, you bet? oh, the clock should telling the right time. it is it responsibility. unluckily, prof. also use his own watch.

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