To the new dish

this is a new dish make by my friend who like to have new new thing. and thank for that.

want to share with me, come to my house please!


6 Responses to To the new dish

  1. Phossdey says:

    That must be Bang Phy! hahahaha

  2. ricky95 says:

    i am doubt why you know that, and you are right?

  3. Phy says:

    Haaaaaaa… kinda overcooked it was. Anyway, it just excites me when i do new things.

  4. ricky95 says:

    i see so too!

  5. Samphors~* says:

    Yahhhhh look tasty… yum yum… tov ur house tmr ne. be prepared tov 😛

  6. Phossdey says:

    Oh now, my stomach is grumbling.

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