enjoy term papers dol ka kor

I really enjoy the term papers dol ka kor. ooh, ho, yo yo yo!

this car is not only RED, but 95, and always smile, and yo yo yo, happy happy!!! it is me. i bought it and have fun with it any time. kakakka, want to join the race with me for the cup, but the cup is just empty cup, just having fun ok. yo yo yo!


3 Responses to enjoy term papers dol ka kor

  1. hahaha Chhunhieng, I still cannot remember what’s to do with 95, again? Anyway, you sound like a boy! When will you finish with your paper tov?

  2. ricky95 says:

    hey, did i told you what is 95 mean nov? oh, i enjoy the toy game you know, i bought not only this game, but other game to play alone, and it is interesting nas na. it makes me laugh when i know the trick of the game. hmmmm, i still working on paper, and i set my due date tomorrow. actually, the due date is not so early but i am bored to take it long time to finish. so, i set an early due date for myself, and then, i will enjoy with the toy. wanna play with me ort? yeah

  3. hahaha no, enjoy your toy and ‘ll enjoy mine. We have different taste, anyway. lolz

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