don’t believe your ears and your eyes

what i usually say to myself is that “don’t believe my ears and my eyes” because it lie to me most of the time, if not all. it may be true to some extent to what i think. and i am what i think i am, but not what you think i am! remember that “you are what you think you are! and you are important.”

Anyways, enjoy some picture of the Fuji Mount climbers, there is me and others friends, new and old.

this house is on the side of the mountain.

Coming back, A man with 2 bags, in the front and at the back, is a strong helpful gentleman.

another help given to our friends.

We are together with one stick and help each other. where is me? i am taking picture. everyone is happy and smiling, see more in Y.


5 Responses to don’t believe your ears and your eyes

  1. So I heard and read about it. Having so much fun huh? I guess so! Anyway, it’s really good for you, and the rest. Isn’t it? People would say that! hahahahahaha

  2. Kanharith says:

    Wow! I wish I have been there too! Yo!

  3. Ricky says:

    i said don’t believe what you see and what you hear, Pov. Kanharith Yo ey! you are lucky not to be there. Yo yo yo!

  4. samphors~* says:

    One comment: NEVER AGAIN!!! Hahahaha…

  5. YeNG says:

    I agree. Never again!!!

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